BAAS Milestones

BAAS Milestones

In 1968 some trainees of The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation (AOTS) Japan envisioned the formation of an alumni society with the aim of contributing to the economic development of the nation by developing human resources, and in 2018 Bangladesh AOTS Alumni Society (BAAS) is celebrating its 50th year. During this long 50 years, BAAS has evolved from an Alumni Organization into a significant contributor in Human Resource Development of Bangladesh. To honour the accomplishments and achievements of our respected Members, previous all Executive Committees and Honourable Advisors of BAAS we present below the highlights and milestones and a timeline of evolution of BAAS over the years starting in 1968:



  • The annual cultural function of the Association was held at the Institute of Engineers, Dacca. The Dosokai Magazine was also published on the same day.
  • 73rd 'Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan was celebrated by the Association at Dacca-Club.
  • The Cultural Day of Japan was observed. The Vice-Chancellor of Dacca University delivered special lecture on the occasion.



  • Dosokai Ikebana School was inaugurated at the premises of the Bangladesh Girls' Guide Association, Dacca.
  • The Dosokai Japanese Language School was opened at the premises of the University of Engineering and Technology, Dacca.
  • The Certificate Awarding Ceremony of the first batch of 30 women students of Dosokai Ikebana School was held at the Embassy of Japan, Dacca.


  • A Seminar was held at Hotel Intercontinental, Dacca on "Electronics Industries of Japan" jointly organized by JETRO and the Association. A grand Cultural function was organized jointly with Bangladesh-Japan Society and JALCA at Teacher Student Centre, Dacca.



  • The Certificate Awarding Ceremony of Dosokai Ikebana School was held at Teacher Student's Centre, Dacca. 46 women students were awarded Certificates.



  • The members of the Association arranged a reception party in honor of the new Ambassador of Japan in Bangladesh.
  • Dosokai Ikebana Certi_cate Awarding Ceremony was held at Teacher-Student's Centre, Dacca.


  • Mr. Y. Tsuda, Professor of Rikkyo University, Tokyo, arrived in Bangladesh.
  • A Cultural Evening was organized at a Local Hotel in cooperation with Bangladesh Japan Society.



  • Mr. Md. Azharul Hasan, the _rst Vice-President and Dr. A.T. Abu Ahmed, member of the Association attended the 5th Dosokai Conference in Tokyo.



  • Chittagong Dosokai O_ce was inaugurated by His Excellency Mr. Hirohiko Otsuka, the Ambassador of Japan in Bangladesh.
  • His Excellency Mr. Hirohiko Otsuka, the Ambassador of Japan in Bangladesh celebrated the Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan at Sonargao Hotel. Senior members of the Association attended the function.



  • Bangladesh - Japan Diesel Engine Training course held in Dhaka by the Kubota instructor.



  • Bangladesh Japan Motorcycle Technical Seminar held in Dhaka by Honda instructor.
  • Mr.Shun Katsuyama, Managing Director of AOTS visited AOTS Dhaka O_ce.


1987 – 1989

  • Mr. Nagaaki Yamamoto, Director General of AOTS visited AOTS Dhaka o_ce.
  • Deputy Prime Minister Barrister Moudud Ahmed attended the Installation Ceremony of the Executive Committee of the society, the Japanese Ambassador H.E. Mr. Yoshitomo Tanaka was also present on the Occasion.


1990 – 1991

  • Mr. Abdul Hameed, a senior ex-trainee of AOTS issued a circular on 9 August, 1990 inviting the ex-trainees of AOTS to assemble at Hotel Sundarban, Dhaka on 17-08-1990. As many as 63 ex-trainees gathered together on the day and unanimously decided to form an organization of ex-trainees of AOTS styled as "BANGLADESH AOTS ALUMNI SOCIETY (BAAS).
  • An Ad-hoc committee consisting of 24 members with Mr. Moynul Hasan as Chairman was formed to draft the constitution of the Society.
  • On 28th September, 1990 a general meeting was called at Sonargaon Hotel, Dhaka, 65 ex-trainees of AOTS attended the general meeting. The constitution was adopted and 65 ex-trainees became members on the same day in the general meeting paving the was for holding the election of the Executive Committee of BAAS.
  • A panel of 27 members of Executive Committee and names of 3 advisers were proposed with Mr. Moynul Hasan as President, and was unanimously elected.
  • Bangladesh AOTS Alumni Society got the recognition of AOTS, Tokyo on 1 November '90.


  • Third Bangladesh - Japan Training Course on Energy Conservation Technology of Industrial Boilers was organized from November 11 to 16, 1990 at Sonargaon Hotel, Dhaka. Total 60 Engineers participated out of which two were from Nepal one was from India. The 25th Anniversary of the AOTS alumni activities in Bangladesh was celebrated on 23rd April, 1991 at Hotel Sheraton. Mr. Shamsul Islam Khan, the Minister of Industry, Govt. of the People's Republic of Bangladesh was the chief guest. Mr. Yamamoto, Director General of AOTS, Tokyo also came from Japan to attend this august ceremony. The Society introduced "Yamamoto Award".


1993 - 1994

  • 4-week long Course of 2-batches on "Word Processing with Word Perfect" in cooperation with Rabbani Computers.
  • 3-Week long course on "Statistical Quality Control for participants of Micro Electronics Ltd.
  • Bangladesh-Japan Training course on "Attachment making Technology for Industrial Sewing Machine" jointly by BAAS, AOTS, JUKI, Zakaria Enterprise, BMET.


1995 – 1996

  • COMPUTER SCHOOL (AACS) conducteddi_erent courses on basic application on software to 264 students/ participants.
  • Bangladesh—Japan Training Course on “Industrial Sewing Machine Maintenance Technology”.
  • Bangladesh—Japan Training Course on "Digital Telecommunication Technology".
  • BAAS —ATOS QC Training conducted at OTOBI Ltd.
  • Bangladesh—Japan Training Course on"Management of Garment Industry" was held from 16th —22nd Sept '96.
  • 6 participants were nominated to attend PCCM Course in Kualalampur, Malaysia.
  • A 5 members delegation from BAAS attended the Business Convention at Colombo, Sri Lanka (5th-7th Sept. '96) on invitation from JASTECA, the same tea also attended a "Friendship Convention of SAFAAS" arranged by Kerala Alumni Society, India.

1997 - 1998

  • Bangladesh-Japan Training Course on 'Industrial Sewing Machine Maintenance Technology' was held between 12-27 October, 1997 in Hotel Sunderban in two batches, each with seven days' duration under the joint collaboration of AOTS, Japan Industrial Machine Corporation, Brother Industries Ltd., Japan, Brother Industries (Bangladesh) Ltd., BAAS and JETRO.
  • Training on “Management of Garment Industry '”of seven days duration was held between 4-10 November, 1997 in Hotel Purbani International under the joint collaboration of AOTS, JUKI Industries Ltd., Japan, JUKI Bangladesh Ltd., BAAS and JETRO.
  • Three nation wide programs were organized. One was held on ‘Japanese Management’ in Sylhet on 10-12 July 1997 for the units of Bangladesh Chemical Engineering Corporation (BCIC). The second one was held at the premises of M/S Shamsuddin Towels Ltd. At Feni on 26-27 December, 1997. The third one was held on 2-3 October, 1998 at the premises of Pran Food Products Industries Ltd. Ghorasal.


  • 27th Elementary Japanese Language course was completed between April - July, 1999 and 15 students passed the course. 28th Elementary Japanese Language course was also completed between August-November, 1999. 7 students passed the course.
  • About 27 scholarships (1 Technical and 26 Management Courses) on Technical and Management courses were received from AOTS HQ.



  • BAAS organized a seminar on "Break through thinking for Corporate Management" by Japanese expert Prof. S. Hibino in Dhaka on 22 March 2002. 125 top executives from di_erent _elds attended the seminar.
  • BAAS implemented a seminar on "Information System Disaster Recovery" in Dhaka on 5 September 2002.



  • 69 entrepreneurs were sent to Japan under various scholarships on SHOP, PQM, BNTP, EPCM, CWPS, BIIT, PIOM, SPQP, PIPE, PMTC, DDMI, BNPM and PIC etc.



  • The _rst-ever picnic of BAAS was arranged on 25 December, 2003 at Elenga, Tangail. The members of BAAS with their families attended the picnic. Total number of participants was 96.



  • BAAS President Engr. Jawaherul Ghani and Joint Secretary Mr. Hasnain Sabih Nayak went to the 6th SAFAAS Convention held in Chennai, India on 18th -20th January, 2004.



  • Coverage on BAAS activities & events in KENSHU magazine
  • BAAS provides _nancial assistance to ‘Bangladesh Die & Mould Association’ (BADAM)
  • Development of BAAS web site



  • EC forms six (6) sub-committees for smooth execution of BAAS activities
  • A Focused Group Discussion (FGD) on “Concept and Outline of a BAAS Training Centre” took place with a view to gather ideas for setting up a training centre in Bangladesh in line with the management philosophy of AOTS, Japan. Thus, Bangladesh Japan Training Institute (BJTI) came into being.
  • BAAS Village concept discussed on EGM of BAAS held on 6 November 2010.
  • Renovation of BAAS, the o_ce was redesigned and modernized with equipment and new furniture and _xtures.


  • BJTI arranged a daylong Kick-o_ seminar on “Corporate Management – The Japanese Way” by Prof. Dr. Tsuneo Yahagi of Japan on 3rd February 2012 at the Ballroom of Ruposhi Bangla Hotel, Dhaka.
  • A delegation from BAAS visited Bangkok AOTS Alumni Society, TECHNOLOGY PROMOTION ASSOCIATION (TPA) and THAI-NICHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOG(TNI). MOU signed with TPA with a view to foster cooperation between TPA & BJTI for designing courses and exchange of talents, ideas and resource persons.
  • Dr. A K M Moazzem Hussain has been appointed as Chairman of BJTI by the counselors.
  • A training program on ‘Kaizen and Application of 5S Techniques’ marks the beginning of BJTI.


  • BJTI conducted an in-plant “Kaizen & 5S” training for the executives of Fakhruddin Textiles Limited at Gazipur, Bangladesh.
  • Allotment of RAHUK Plot at Uttara for BAAS



  • BAAS represented by 5 members participated in the 2nd Youth Leadership Workshop held in Colombo, Sri Lanka organized by JASTECA (Japan Sri Lanka Technical & Cultural Association).
  • Syed Ahsanul Apon, Secretary General of BAAS was selected as the Convener of the steering committee of the “Young Kyoosoo” group.
  • Mr. Tadashi Sugawara, Director, METI, Japan visited Dhaka for Global Internship Program and attended meetings with the following govt. organizations: Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB), Dhaka WASA, Bangladesh Railway, Local Government Engineering Department (LGED).
  • RAJUK includes the application for allotment of a plot to BAAS in the selection list of the Special Institutional Category.



  • BAAS undertakes a CSR program with the generous contribution of the members and others to provide educational support to eight children of Rana Plaza victims and starts o_ with a fund of Tk. 1.3 million.
  • BAAS received 4 Japanese interns for 4 organizations of Dhaka under the “METI Global Internship Program Y2013” of HIDA-JETRO.
  • The tenth convention of SAFAAS was held at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, His Excellency Mr. Shiro Sadoshima, Ambassador of Japan in Bangladesh attended as special guests. 3rd YLW Program was held alongside the convention with the theme LEADE TO SERVE.
  • BJTI reconstituted its council, appointed a full time Program Manager launched a website, prepared and circulated its annual training calendar.


  • Ten Japanese interns who came to Bangladesh in 2014 under METI Global Internship Program, completed an internship and returned to Japan. BAAS had arranged several umbrella programs to familiarize them with Bangladesh's economy, culture and lifestyle.BAAS facilitated the participation of six Bangladeshi RMG manufacturers & exporters in an International Exhibition and Trade Mission at the Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan, under ARI program.


  • BAAS sent a message of condolence to Nepal AOTS Alumni Society (NAAS) for the victims of Nepal earthquake in addition total contribution of US$2,500.
  • BAAS held an International Seminar on “Essence of Advanced Production System: TPM-TPS & Linkage Management” conducted by Prof. Dr. Nomura Shigenobu of AICHI Institute of Technology of Japan. Prof. Nomura with his 14-member Japanese delegation visited three manufacturing facilities which are Rahimafrooz Accumulators Ltd., Com_t Composites Knit Ltd. & Padma Group of Converters.
  • BJTI completed 28 training courses, in which about 500 participants from di_erent industries took part.


  • JETRO Dhaka O_ce organized a lunch meeting to discuss the “Best Practices of Japan adopted by the Bangladeshi”. Six BAAS members who are owners of six successful companies participated in the program and shared their experience of adopting Japanese practices.
  • BJTI completed 27 training courses, in which about 462 participants from different industries participated.
  • To assist _ood victims in the northern region of the country, BAAS distributed house building materials and cattle heads.
  • BAAS organized two programs to distribute winter clothes among 300 families.
  • Registration of BJTI and Inauguration of BJTI O_ce Subsequent to the o_cial registration of BJTI, its new o_ce and training center has been inaugurated. Mr. Tetsuji Kawakami, Managing Director, AOTS, Japan graced the occasion.
  • Allotment of one acre of land at Purbachal New Town Project for BJTI.